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With micro needles and ophthalmic needles, FSSB offers a large choice of thread types:

Polyglycolic acide (PGA) is a braided synthetic absorbable multifilament made of Polyglycolic acid and coated with N-Laurin and L-Lysine, which render the thread extremely smooth, soft and knot safe.

Nylon - Polyamide (PA) is a black non-resorbable monofilament thread made from polyamide 6.6 und 6.6 Nylon is particularly suited for micro-surgery because of its consistent tensile strength, smooth and even surface, and its good knotting properties. Micro-needle thread combinations with nylon carry green framed labels.

Silk blue/black/white (SB/SS/SW) is weaved out of the silk spider´s cocoon and is as a result a natural non-resorbent material. It guarantees, thanks to a special weaving technique a strong non-tearable and an evenly distributed structure. Micro-needle thread combinations with silk carry light blue framed labels.

Polypropylene blue/black (PP) is a non-resorbent monofile thread with a smooth pore free surface. Thus when it comes to sewing polypropylene slips neatly and evenly through muscle tissue. Furthermore as a result of it´s non-hydrolytic nature, polypropylene is particularly suitable for absorbent and permanent stitches. Unlike nylon, polypropylene is not decomposable, this in turn guarantees lasting firmness. Polypropylene remains innert in skin tissue and is dyed blue in the thread sizes 4/0 to 8/0 (PH.EUR.). The thread sizes 9/0 and 10/0 (PH.EUR.) are dyed black allowing a better visibility in the tissue. Micro-needle thread combinations with polypropylene carry dark blue framed labels.

Polyester is a multifilament, non-absorbable surgical suture material. Polyester enabling to slip cleanly and evenly through tissue. Polyester is dyed white or green with thread strengths 10/0 to 4/0 USP (0.2 to 1.5 metric) Suture materials made of polyester have orange edged labels.

PVDF (Polyvinyldinefluoride) (PV) is a black non-resorbent monofile thread made out of Polyvinyldinefluoride. The tissue areas where PVDF is used are similar to those polypropylene. PVDF, however, provides a better and tighter knotting process with fewer knots. As with polypropylene, PVDF may also be used for implanting. Micro-needle thread combinations with PVDF carry dark grey framed labels.

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