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FSSB has four level of services for cardio vascular sutures:
(1) Soft taper cutting point needles only
(2) Suture/Thread attached needles on paper board, non sterilized
(3) Sutured needle in inner pouch, non sterilized, and,
(4) Sterilised sutures in aluminium foil, with or without private labelling

Needle TypeNeedle PointNeedle length BendingUSPSutureSuture Length FSSB Order No.
2xDDSL-6,4-150Soft Cutting point cardio6,4 mm3/88/0Polypropylene60 cmH002PP
2xDDSL-6,5-200XSoft Cutting point cardio6,5 mm3/88/0Polypropylene60 cmH029PP
2xDDSL-9,4-230Soft Cutting point cardio9,4 mm3/87/0Polypropylene75 cmH004PP
2xBDSL-9,4-230Soft Cutting point cardio9,4 mmBicurved7/0Polypropylene75 cmH012PP
2xDDSL-9,4-280XSoft Cutting point cardio9,4 mm3/87/0Polypropylene75 cmH030PP
2xDDSL-12,6-250Soft Cutting point cardio12,6 mm3/86/0Polypropylene75 cmH006PP
2xDDSL-12,6-300XSoft Cutting point cardio12,6 mm3/86/0Polypropylene75 cmH027PP
2xHDSL-12,6-250Soft Cutting point cardio12,6 mm1/26/0Polypropylene75 cmH010PP
2xHDSL-12,6-300XSoft Cutting point cardio12,6 mm1/26/0Polypropylene75 cmH031PP
2xBDSL-12,6-250Soft Cutting point cardio12,6 mmBicurved6/0Polypropylene75 cmH013PP
2xBDSL-12,6-300XSoft Cutting point cardio12,6 mmBicurved6/0Polypropylene75 cmH020PP
2xDDSL-12,6-300Soft Cutting point cardio12,6 mm3/85/0Polypropylene75 cmH008PP
2xHDSL-12,6-300Soft Cutting point cardio12,6 mm1/25/0Polypropylene75 cmH011PP
2xBDSL-12,6-300Soft Cutting point cardio12,6 mmBicurved5/0Polypropylene75 cmH014PP

Cardio Vascular needles are all in stainless steel 300 family.

Soft Cutting Point needle
specially designed for cardio vascular surgery.
Ophthalmic needles

You want to know more about FSSB's heart and vascular sutures, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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