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// Ophthalmic sutures / Micro sutures / Cardio Vascular sutures / Sternotomy sutures

For suture manufacturers, it has always been a tricky manufacturing step to attach suture thread to small needles: micro needles, ophthalmic needles, soft taper cutting needle for cardio, or to big needles with metallic wires: sternotomy sutures.

FSSB makes it easy for suture manufacturers: We offer to perform the attaching step for the following sutures:
- Micro sutures
- Ophthalmic sutures
- Cardio vascular sutures
- Sternotomy sutures

For these above sutures, FSSB has four level of services :
(1) Micro needles or Ophthalmic needles only
(2) Suture/Thread attached needles on paper board, non sterilized
(3) Sutured needle in inner pouch, non sterilized, and,
(4) Sterilised sutures in aluminium foil, with or without private labelling

You want to know more about FSSB's sutures, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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