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Surgical Specialties OEM

Surgical Specialties Corporation has been a trusted OEM partner for more than 40 years, offering experience in precision contract manufacturing, suture related products, surgical needle and blade design and assembly, as well as chemical etching and custom grinding technology. Our experienced staff of engineers works closely with our customers to develop processes, state-of-the-art coatings, and blade geometries that optimize medical device performance. Our range of products includes channel needles, blades, and bone wax.

Surgical Specialties has prided itself on a strategy that balances organic growth with focused acquisitions that complement and strengthen our products and services. Over the years, we have acquired companies that have expanded both our competencies and capabilities and firms that espouse our deep respect for our customers.

In addition to + FSSB, we are proud to have the following organizations as part of the Surgical Specialties family:

Surgical Specialties Corporation
Surgical Specialties Corporation is a leading producer of the sharpest needle and blade components which are used in various procedures. Surgical Specialties Corporation has an extensive history in contract manufacturing partnering with many of the world's leading medical device companies. + Surgical Specialties Corporation

B.G. Sulzle
More than 50 years ago, Ben Sulzle’s love of innovation and precision led him to develop the atraumatic, drilled-end wound-closure needle. Today, the company he founded, BG Sulzle, Inc., operates by the same principles Mr. Sulzle established: setting new standards, answering emerging customer needs and delivering only the finest devices to medical marketers worldwide. +Find More on B.G. Sulzle

Pearsalls Limited manufacturers and suppliers of suture textiles that include braided silk, polyester, and nylon surgical suture material for hospital sterilization worldwide. The company offers sterile neurosurgical patties and linteens, and sutures. Pearsalls was incorporated in 1999 and is based in Taunton, United Kingdom. Pearsalls Limited operates as a subsidiary of American Medical Instruments Holdings, Inc. +See Suture Threads of Pearsalls

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