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Directly Linked to 50 year tradition in manufacturing micro surgical needles, FSSB started in 1995 manufacturing micro needles and micro sutures for OEM customers. Some years later, FSSB leveraged its excellence in manufacturing micro needles into bigger surgical needles : regular surgical needles.

In 2016, FSSB joined Surgical Specialties Corporation. Surgical Specialties is a trusted OEM partner for more than 40 years, offering experience in precision contract manufacturing, suture related products, surgical needle and blade design and assembly, as well as chemical etching and custom grinding technology.

Today, Surgical Specialties and FSSB together are the world leader in manufacturing surgical needles for leading suture companies.

How did we achieved it?
The strength of FSSB lies in its core asset : its highly educated workforce, who manufactures its own automatised needle machine. FSSB is likely the only surgical needle manufacturer who masters every single steps in needle manufacturing. Consequently, FSSB is able to manufacture the highest quality of surgical needles at the most competitive prices.

What next?
Thanks to Surgical Specialties, FSSB has expanded competencies and capabilities to offer its suture customers cutting edge surgical needles. Contact FSSB for New Product Development

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